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Whatever we put in this site, we are responsible for them. And we would like you to read and understand this Disclaimer part very well so that you will be guided and directed with your usage of the site, as well as to understand why such things were published. We would like, as much as possible, you to have a wonderful experience on this site and have through knowledge on the copyright of the materials published here. You may have seen several websites already with their rules and regulations and it is necessary for you to understand how things work in this site to avoid problems. Below are some of the essential things that you need to know about this site and this is our way of clarifying several issues that may be wondering right now, and in order to put everything in order. Read the Disclaimer below.

Terms of Use

Whatever catapult you have used in order to land in here, you are responsible for that. You are in this site for a purpose. And whatever that purpose is, we hope that you are successful with your quest. Whatever may happen during your transaction, especially on out third party links is none of our business. You must be ready to deal some issues that may occur in the future.

This is the reason why you have to make sure that you have the right purpose for browsing this site. You may browse this site anonymously. There are times when the speed is slow and that might have something to do with your internet connection and the site speed at that particular time.

Moving on with your learning on the several parts of our Disclaimer, continue reading below.

Copyright Policy

The materials that you can see in this site may or may not be owned by us. And we see to it that the things that we own are indicated and the things that we do not own have owner credits. We want to be safe in publishing articles, audio, video, and the like in this site. And to give you a complete list of the materials in this site, here they are:

Domain – the domain is owned by us. We registered it and we chose it based on our chosen niche. As you can see, it is a reverse phone lookup site therefore the domain will follow the idea. We also subscribed to a trusted and reliable hosting and we pay it monthly so that this site will work and load efficiently.

Articles – the articles that we publish here are products of research. We have a team that is responsible for that. Though they are products of research, we cannot assure you that they are reliable at all times. We are only basing our articles on other information that we get from the internet, books, and other sources. Don’t worry because we are doing our best in order to serve you with the best articles. We give credit to our source as well. Our writers are paid to do the job so you can see that there is a business existing here.

Audio – we are not that focused on audio here. That is why you may or may not see any audio recorded and uploaded here. From time to time we make changes and don’t be surprised with that because we do thing for the betterment of the site. Just in case we are going to upload or publish audio here, we give credits to the things that are not ours. Again, this is not a music site so audio is not our priority.

Copying and reproduction of content – if you happen to like our content, thank you for the appreciation be we do not allow copying, reproducing, and using any of our contents. If you really need our contents since that is the only thing can complete your project, you can contact us and we will talk about that. We are not selfish with our contents. We just want you to have a proper communication with us, and who knows, we may grant your request based from our evaluation.

Hold Harmless

As what we have mentioned above, the contents of this site are products of research. We pay our article writers for their hard work and we do not provide any medical or legal advice here. This site is not something where you will put your trust especially on critical issues since we are only here to inform. Just in case you would like to solve your problems that have something to do with the information that we have provided and you found it’s not enough, care to have more research on other trusted sites. As what we have mentioned above, we are here only to inform. Now, whatever you may experience in this site all throughout your navigation, may it be problems, issues, and the like, is not our concern.

Privacy Statement

We have the right to make changes on this site. We do this in order to improve our service to our visitors and subscribers. Now, if you want to be updated with our articles, you have to bookmark this site on your browser to be easily located.

Another thing is if you want us to update you always with our latest posts, products, promotions, events, and contests, care to subscribe. But when it comes to subscription, we also reserve the rights to unsubscribe anyone especially those with violations and those who are threat to the security of the site.

We make changes without notice sometimes. We also make decisions to revise the site, shun its operation, and not make any update anymore. We are in control of each and every aspect of this site.

With regards to the information that we collect from you, we see to it that it is secured and will not leak online. For more information about this, you may visit our Privacy Policy page.

Advertisers and Sponsors

We would like you to know that we have advertises and sponsors as secondary links on this site. You may find their links on different areas of the site. This is to disclose to everyone that there is business happening in this site. Should you make any transaction with our advertisers and sponsors; that is your choice. Whatever you do with our advertisers and sponsors, we are not responsible for that.

If ever a problem occurs with them, do not contact us because we cannot help you. You are the one who know very well the transaction that happened. So if problems occur, you can settle that with them, not us.

We advise you to be careful with making transactions with our third party links because we do not know what will happen next. On the other hand, this site chooses only sponsors and advertisers that are trustworthy. We do not just pick anyone from anywhere without checking their backgrounds and knowing about their integrity. With that, we do hope that we have enlightened you with our advertisers and sponsors.

Letters to the Editor

We have an editorial staff in this site though not indicated in the site. We are comprised of a team of people that are practicing their expertise in the field that they have chosen.

We want you to send us your feedback about your experiences on this site because that is necessary for us to evaluate our services rendered. We care about your time spent on this site. Sometimes you are the ones who are able to detect the problem that is why we need you to voice out.

Do not be afraid to talk to us. We do not bite. Just like you, we mean business on this site. Thought we have said already our Disclaimer, a proper communication with us can sometimes break the rule. Aside from being tough and strict in managing this site, we are real humans, too. You can talk to us regarding your problems – not life issues – and let’s see what we can do about it.

Our customer service representatives are not always online and so do we that is why we cannot respond instantly to your messages. Anyway, just send in your messages and we will not take that for granted. It is always our joy to receive messages from our subscribers. And in return, we do our best to serve you more because you deserve the best of everything.

Once again, thank you for reading this Disclaimer page. Happy browsing.